a New Direction For Colors

The Team Behind...

"New Direction For Colors

This is a beginning of a new adventure for creacting the perfect shot, the perfect clothing, the perfect makeup that will suit the whole concept.
We commence with the story about Noam, owner of the "Perkeluna/פרקלונה" business..

And Liat that manages the "Liaty Beauty" business..

We tried to create something outside the box, shomething that will blow your mind! 
Colors everywhere, a lot of contrast in the air! We've got a beautiful model named Sharon and Shaked, the talented hair stylist.

Now, we have a concept, we've got a photographer, we've got clothes & lots of makeup.

We created a blast of mixed colors,  pink, red, blue, purple, black, yellow & even orange!

And here the results are presented to you.
We hope you enjoy the look, the style & the book outlet.
Have a nice day from the team.


Makeup Artist

Hair Style Artist

Clothes Artist

The Model