About me

My name is Amir, 28 years old, bright-headed and artistic.
I specialize in diverse photographic genres, including the artistic field, light modification , fashion, modeling and beauty photography and of course, the favorite Israeli field, trips all around the country and around the world. 
I was attracted to photography since I was a little boy playing with old film cameras and tripods. They still reside on glass shelves in my bedroom. All off these made me fall in love with this special tool that can freeze time and savor the moments that will never return. 
During my military service in the "Artillery Corps",I continued photographing intensively and even submitted three photos for a competition called "Colors in a Barrel" intended for soldiers. I won the first prize in this competition (a scholarship for the "Avni" Institute), which encouraged me to continue investing advanced photography.
See link for photos:
"Colors in a Barrel"
My job is to assist you and guide you to diverse new places you've never visited before. 
To create a custom photography and fulfill your dreams, all you have to do is tell me what you desire to photograph -  You or your children? A particular landscape? Animals? Or even that incredible spoon you've left in a drawer from which you just can't part with...  

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Waiting for a call from you ;)